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The First Friday Network was started by Steve Wilson in Chichester, West Sussex in March 2003. After moving his business from London he was doing the rounds of network meetings and decided there was a gap in the market for those people who didn’t want an early morning breakfast meeting or a weekly commitment, or indeed to pay a subscription to a large organisation.

What is First Friday Network?
It is not a money making business – it is a marketing tool for you and your business.
Every business person that runs a First Friday group is a keen networker and understands the benefits of being known locally, reaping the rewards of the extra exposure to the business community. The First Friday Network is a free business networking event held monthly on various Fridays, currently with meetings across East and West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and growing across the country – we are just opening or first group in Rochdale! The network is looking to continue its expansion nationally. The concept is: free entry, no pre-booking, no ‘lock-outs’ – just an informal gathering in a welcoming environment – where people feel relaxed and under no pressure to perform a ‘60-second elevator pitch’. Most network companies charge the attendees to meet each other – pressurising members to achieve value for money against the clock whilst frantically looking to make that elusive contact. At First Friday there is no cost to attend, enabling the visitor to relax and be themselves. This is much more productive than delivering a desperate sales pitch in the hope of getting an immediate response and closing the deal!

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